“O Christmas Tree”

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The winner of our fourth annual “O Christmas Tree” event: Sinking Springs Presbyterian (2014).

Beginning in 2010, “O Christmas Tree” is an annual yuletide celebration hosted by the Fields-Penn House each year lasting from “Small Business Saturday” (November 29, 2014) until Epiphany or “Old Christmas” on January 6.  Local non-profit organizations decorate trees throughout the Fields-Penn.  Visitors can “vote” for their favorite tree by leaving a donation of a non-perishable food item or pet food.  Donations benefit Ecumenical Faith in Action’s Stone Soup Food Pantry and the Animal Defense League of Washington County.  In 2013, “O Christmas Tree” was named one of the Top 20 Events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society.

I“O Christmas Tree” in the News:

  • “Fields-Penn House Presents Decorated Trees”.  Tricities.com.  3 December 2014.
  • WJHL:  “The Fourth Annual ‘O Christmas Tree’ Event Kicks off in Abingdon”.  29 November 2014.
  • Gibson, Allie.  “Christmas Trees Set Up to Help People, Pets in Need”.  Tricities.com.  26 November 2014.

Participating Organizations for our Fourth Annual “O Christmas Tree”:

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